Sunday, October 28, 2012

Modular Building - The Future of Construction

modular buildings techniques have been around for over 60 years, beginning as a solution to the need for post-war housing and classrooms for the 'baby boomers'. Since then, the offsite industry has transformed the face of modular construction, and now creates aesthetically stunning and environmentally friendly permanent or temporary buildings for a wide variety of sectors, including schools, hospitals, retail units and housing. Modular building is fast, affordable and sustainable, and seems to be the future of modern construction.

Modular Building Methods

The manufacture of modular buildings can be done in several different ways, depending on the application, the intended use, the space and access available. For example: a fully formed volumetric unit could not be craned directly into a tight site where a long crane reach is required, therefore flat pack panels would be used instead, and erected on site. Unique and cost-effective buildings can be created using offsite construction in the following ways:

Flat Pack Buildings:
Flat pack, panelised units allow flexibility of design, delivery and construction, as well as guaranteeing quality control of each unit within a factory environment. Panelised units are ideal for temporary or permanent low-rise buildings such as offices, nurseries, clinics and clubhouses. They are fast to construct and can offer excellent value for money. As mentioned before, flat pack panels can be delivered to any site, no matter how restricted the access is, and put up in a matter of days.

Volumetric Units:
Volumetric modules are built with light-gauge steel frames offsite, fully fitted and sealed in factory conditions. They are then delivered to site to provide fast and efficient construction. This technology allows the affordable creation of high volume replicated units for accommodation, hospitals, universities and housing and minimises time on site.

Steel Frame Units:
Sometimes called Skeletal units, steel framed buildings combine traditional and modular building methods to provide a flexible and fast option for truly unique buildings. Using the advantages of offsite construction, this systematic approach delivers better value for a range of building projects.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Leading Ladies of Fashion

One such leading lady is Diane von Furstenberg (DVF), named President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 2006, and well-known fashion designer. DVF began her legacy in 1970 with a thirty thousand dollar investment, and by 1973 was known for her revolutionary design of the "wrap dress," which is on display in the Costume Institute section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After several decades of successful businesses, to include a cosmetic line, publishing house, design and marketing studio and home-shopping venture - DVF has created a line of women's high-end apparel, and was also The International Center in New York's Award of Excellence recipient. With such a long and distinguished career DVF is truly a leading lady in the fashion industry.

Wielding the command to make or break designers is an awesome responsibility in the fashion industry, and there are those who are of the opinion that the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, has just such powers. Despite Vogue's status as the top publication in prestige and circulation among fashion magazines, Wintour has chosen to use her powers for the positive and has brought the magazine to a broader audience by giving runway tips and mentoring struggling designers. "I have always believed that it is important to understand Vogue's mission in broad and socially responsible terms," says Wintour, who has spearheaded several functions creating jobs and benefiting charities. To wield such power for the benefit of others is why she has been chosen as one of our leading ladies.

Another leading lady of fashion magazines is Linda Wells, Editor-in-Chief of Allure. While most fashion magazines highlight trend setting runway designs and beauty tips, this powerhouse editor, from Greenwich deals with the hard hitting issues that women face in this day and time. "We were the first women's magazine ever to write about the dangers of breast implants," Wells states. "We did the first story on models who were addicted to heroin." This revolutionary approach for a women's fashion magazine has sky rocketed Allure's circulation to award winning status from the advertising and publishing community. With an impressive career legacy which include (just to name a few) editorial assistant at Vogue, beauty editor for The New York Times Magazine, guest appearances on Oprah and "Entertainment Tonight" - her leading lady status is not at all surprising.

Our next leading lady of fashion has a reputation for being unique and groundbreaking in her knowledge of fashion, and her approach as editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar. The notable Glenda Bailey, who also served as the editor of Marie Claire's U.S. edition in 1996, after serving as the founding editor for eight years for the British Marie Claire in 1988, brought the magazine to such heights as to be awarded the status of Adweek's Top 10 Hottest Magazines four years in a row. Along with three Magazine Editor of the Year Awards, five time winner of Magazine of the Year, and Amnesty International Awards winner twice, Bailey earned a fashion design degree from Kingston University in England. Awards of this magnitude are indicative of the formidable influence that this leading lady of fashion exhibits.

The last, but certainly in no way least of our leading ladies of fashion is Fern Mallis, Senior VP of New York's IMG Fashion, one of the leading fashion event planners. She has earned this position due to her reputation by serving as Executive Director in 1993 on the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and as the organizational genius behind the first "Fashion Week" which was known as 7th on Sixth at that time. With her ability to coordinate eighty temperamental top designers with her pleasant and calm personality along with her ability to handle the paparazzi; such multi-million dollar events such as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York is in the capable hands of this high-powered fashion trend setter. Fashion Week in New York is a defining event in the fashion world, making this multi-million dollar extravaganza a feather in the cap of our phenomenal leading lady Fern Mallis.

Fashion and Beauty Magazines - The Secret Behind the Success of Modern Fashionistas

The fashion world has charmed its followers for the past more than 100 years. Women, especially, pine for latest clothes and accessories from leading fashion houses, like Gucci, Armani, D&G, Polo, Ralph Lauren, etc. And you may wonder how these fashionistas keep themselves abreast of the latest fashion trends? Well, the secret lies in fashion and beauty magazines, like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Boca Life, and Pageantry.

Most women who crave for modern look and style subscribe to these magazines. The reason is not too far to seek once you read just a single issue from any of these magazines. The beauty secrets of rich and famous in the tinsel town are revealed with intricate details in these magazines - sometimes through designers and hairstylists, and sometimes, straight from the horse's mouth.

These magazines carry in depth analysis of the latest offerings from the leading fashion houses. You can easily compare the products on offer from different designer houses. Similarly, beauty magazines, like Step By Step Wire Jewelry, Hype Hair, and American Salon offer solutions, tips, and advices that you won't find anywhere else, from those who have been preaching and following these mantras with success for years. The subjects range from hair care, skin care, face care, body care, pedicure, manicure, face uplifts, advantages and disadvantages of botox, latest in jewelry, etc.

If there's one aspect that could keep you from subscribing to these fashion and beauty magazines, it's the high price of subscription. Since the demand for these magazines is pretty high, the publishers have tried to capitalize on this aspect and have priced the magazines on a higher side. However, you can avoid list price subscription available from your nearest magazine stand by logging on the Internet and looking for some reliable magazine subscription website.

Most websites offer heavy discounts on fashion and beauty magazines. Additionally, you are given a secure environment to pay for your subscription online. The order is immediately processed and your magazine arrives at your doorstep within days of placing the order.

However, before you place an order, make sure that you are dealing with an honest website. Generally, the level of honesty can be ensured by looking for signs that ensure integrity of your personal financial information that'll be transmitted through the website. In this regard, reliable websites have collaboration with trusted third parties, like 'GeoTrust', and you can check their label on the homepage.